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5 Advantages Of The Iphone You Must Know

5 Advantages Of The Iphone You Must Know – Currently, Android and iOS are the two most used smartphone operating systems. Android is used on Google smartphones and the iOS operating system is on the iPhone. The two operating systems have their respective advantages. About the price, Android is certainly cheaper than iOS.

However, the loyalty of Android users needs to be questioned. Compared to iOS fans, consumer loyalty to this Apple product cannot be questioned. Even iOS fans find it hard to switch hearts to Android.Apple is well-known as the best-selling iPhone cellphone manufacturer in the market, but what exactly makes users prefer iPhone over Android smartphones?

1. Security System

As many people know, Apple’s cellphones have better data security than Android phones. So many users decide to buy an iPhone to maintain data security.

2. User Interface

Unlike Android, which has many vendors, making user interfaces that are different from each other will definitely make it difficult to use because they have to re-learn features on Android phones. On an Apple cellphone, you won’t have any difficulties if you change your cellphone type because the user interface of the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and so on will be the same.

3. Premium Design

One of the things that makes users choose the iPhone is because the design of the iPhone looks very premium because the material used is also premium. The premium impression is also because the iPhone only releases a new product for 1 year, it can only be a finger, it can even be a year for 1 product. Unlike Android, which has a new smartphone every quarter.

4. Virus and Malware Threats

iPhone users can only install applications through the App Store which is guaranteed to be safer because it is well curated. Unlike Android, which can freely install applications from existing application stores, it is easy to be exposed to viruses and malware.

5. Stable Market Price

The iPhone is known as a smartphone with a high price, but this Apple cellphone has a fairly stable price on the market. Maybe because the quality of the iPhone and the timeless model make the price of this smartphone quite stable. Unlike the android phone which has a price chart that easily falls on the market.…

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