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Easy Ways to Learn Photography on Smartphone

Easy Ways to Learn Photography on Smartphone – Nowadays taking great pictures is no longer necessary using a DSLR camera. With the ability to see the right moment, sufficient lighting, and a few tricks from photography, smartphones can also produce good pictures. You may not even believe that there are so many photos scattered on Instagram, taken using only a smartphone.

If you want to explore the science of photography on a smartphone, but you still feel the results obtained are still mediocre, here are some ways to make the photos you produce better, like Instagram celebrities.

What’s more, you don’t have to go out much to try it, because you can learn with objects at home.

Diligent brainstorming

When the camera was first on a cellphone, the camera function was not for photography. Just take pictures of mediocre quality. So we also do not need to linger to use it. But at this time, the quality of smartphone cameras comes with high quality and is supported by various features.

So, why not ‘play’ longer with your camera? When going to take pictures, make sure the composition is good and the object is interesting. Also make sure you can fix the lighting or the angle. If you are persistent in doing this, your photography intuition will be honed over time.

Use Composition Theory

A good result when shooting, usually comes from a good composition. Although often to find a good composition requires good intuition too, this can be learned.

Try to learn the theory of composition in photography, and apply it on a smartphone. Apart from studying the theories, cropping is also very helpful in terms of composition. An ordinary photo, with good ‘cropping’ capabilities, will become a more vivid photo.

Photographing Closer

One of the problems in smartphone photography is the unavailability of optical zoom. If you zoom in on your smartphone, this means you reduce the quality of the pictures you take.

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The most correct thing is to get closer to the object. Feel free to come closer and take a closer look at the object and discover the unique things that the object has. By getting closer, you can more freely find the best angle, and get photos that are different from others.

Don’t Use Flash

The light obtained from the flash, will be very bad for the photos. The flash light makes an image that should have a dark side bright, all bright and appear very harsh. In addition, it is very obvious that the light is coming from the direction the picture was taken, so it is not natural at all.

For lighting, however, you should train yourself to look for naturally available light. Even at night, take pictures at unusual angles or take advantage of the lighting from street lamps, neon boxes, or even the lights of passing vehicles.

Learn Edit

After playing around with your camera for a long time, learning composition and getting a little ‘intuition’ in smartphone photography, complete your skills by learning the post-processing of the photo taken.

Editing is a pretty important thing. Because it corrects small things that smartphone cameras cannot do. For example, adding contrast, turning on colors, and controlling the temperature of the light. Edit also avoids using Instagram filters that are too widely used by the public. The HDR effect available on the camera is also too often used. If you make just a few corrections, your photos will look much better without a touch of filters.

The most popular and best apps for photo editing are VSCO and Snapseed. Try using the application and tinkering with all the worktools. See the difference in your photos, and use them until you’re happy with the results.…

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