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Why Sony Xperia Pro is Suitable For Photography

Why Sony Xperia Pro is Suitable For Photography – The Sony Xperia Pro smartphone is one of the latest mobile phones from Sony Xperia which has a camera quality that is perfect for photography.

The Sony Xperia Pro is a high-end smartphone variant from Sony that carries a myriad of features to support serious photography activities, it’s no wonder this smartphone has a price tag of IDR 35 million. But behind the high price offered, the Sony Xperia Pro has several reasons that make this smartphone very worthy of being used as a media to support today’s photography.

1. Has support for HDMI type D port

It is one of the uniqueness found in the Sony Xperia Pro, of course with the support of this feature it can make it easier for the photography community to support maximum photography activities. Because with this feature, users can turn the Sony Xperia Pro screen into a secondary monitor for a DSLR camera with good quality with larger image details.

2. Has a screen with advanced technology

Talking about the screen, the Sony Xperia Pro carries an OLED panel with 1B colors, which means that this smartphone has a color coverage that is diverse enough to be able to display an image object with maximum detail. And to maximize the comfort of its users, the Sony Xperia Pro carries a screen dimension of 6.5 inches.

3. Has a multi-functional lens configuration

Turning to the lens sector, the Sony Xperia Pro comes with a quad camera configuration, each of which has lens support that has its own function. Comes with the same resolution Sony Xperia Pro has lens support in the form of wide, telephoto, and ultrawide and is equipped with a 3D TOF camera with a 0.3MP resolution.

4. Have IP68 certification support

To maximize the features on the camera, apparently this smartphone has a body design that is resistant to water immersion. Thus, of course the Sony Xperia Pro is very suitable if used to support outdoor photography activities in extreme terrain.

5. Has large capacity internal memory support

To support continuous photography activities, of course a smartphone is required to have a large capacity internal memory. To answer this need, the Sony Xperia Pro comes with support for 512 GB of internal memory which is claimed to be sufficient to store various camera captures.…

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