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Main Advantages of Vivo X50 Series

Main Advantages of Vivo X50 Series – The Vivo50 mobile is one of the smartphones that has quite sophisticated photo features, this smartphone does not only have sophisticated camera features.

The Vivo X50 series is the Vivo line which is devoted to mobile photography. The ability of the camera does not need to be questioned considering that it is able to take good pictures in dark conditions. Not only that, this smartphone also has the ability to take pictures of the beautiful night sky. However, is the ability of the X50 series really there?

Vivo denies it. According to them, the X50 series is also suitable for those who want to live their daily life smoothly. That’s because of the everyday features that are paired with this smartphone. Following are the features.

1. Has NFC

At this time, especially people in big cities, they need a feature called NFC. This feature, which stands for near field communication, can easily be used for payments using cards. That means those who have smartphones with the NFC feature don’t need to often remove the card because their card data is already stored on this smartphone.

For the NFC X50 series, this smartphone can accommodate three different types of card data. That means you don’t have to switch cards if you insert the three cards that you usually use the most. On other smartphones, the NFC feature is only able to store one card data.

2. Dedicated cloud service for Vivo users

X50 service users are lucky. Not only do they get high camera quality, they also get the opportunity to access the Vivo cloud by themselves. Using an application called iManager, users will get more features, namely Data Backup, Web Share and EasyShare, which makes it easier for users to store and share data.

Interestingly, iManager is an application that is more than just providing cloud services. Through this application, users can also clean junk and cache through the Space Clean Up feature.

There is also a security detection which can detect the virus inside a smartphone automatically. Finally, there are also battery management and phone cooling features on the iManager, making the battery last longer and the smartphone not heating up easily.

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3. Given a smart assistant named Jovi

Artificial intelligence or AI is applied to the Vivo X50 series. The name of artificial intelligence is Jovi. Through Jovi, you can search for the product you want via camera, find out about weather conditions and your own health, and even notifications for your trip.

To access Jivo, X50 series users only need to go to settings or settings and select the Jovi option. By turning it on, this smartphone will automatically connect to the Google Assistant and Google Lens.

Many of the advantages provided by the Vivo X50 series for everyday life. So, even though this smartphone focuses on photography, there is no need to worry about problems using it in daily activities.…

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